Protherm Quick Select

Customer: Vaillant Group (

The German company Vaillant Group is a world leader in the manufacture of heating equipment, represented in more than 60 countries around the world. The company's head office is located in Remscheid (Germany).

By request of Vaillant Group Rus - representative office in Russia - there was developed program for selecting Protherm equipment and accessories. Also user receives BOM and commercial offers according to selected equipment automatically.

There are four standard tabs in the program for selecting equipment:

Boilers and accessories tab

Tab is used for choosing boilers and appropriate accessories - water heaters, thermostats, fasteners, etc.

There are various boilers therefore user has opportunity to select suitable boilers by parameters:

  • The fuel used in the boiler – Gas, Electric, Solid fuel or Oil fuel.
  • Floor or wall hanging
  • Single-circuit or double-circuit boiler
  • Opened or closed combustion chamber
  • Imbedded water heater
  • max and min ranges of boiler’s power, kW


Water heater tab

On the tab the main object for selecting is a water heater. When water heater is selected user can choose suitable boiler or another accessories if it’s necessary. The window is divided on two parts – on the left part there are water heaters, on the right part there are boilers and accessories. During selecting the suitable boiler is useful to watch light indicator. The indicator has different colors (green, red, yellow) for display optimal compatibility between water heater and boiler.



The tab is used for selecting thermostats and suitable boiler if it’s necessary. The tab is rarely required.

Commercial offers

There are three parts of window on the tab – for boilers and accessories, for water heaters and for thermostats. In the every part user can see list of the equipment selected earlier.

For each list of the equipment there is total price at the end.


The commercial offer may be:

  • previewed
  • printed
  • exported to Excel
  • exported to PDF

Equipment description

User can open detailed equipment description on the separate tab. Tabs are opened by double-click on the name of the equipment, also user can close tabs.
Description is different for different equipment. Some topics such as electric scheme, functional diagram are a picture with description.



For all equipment there are 3D models in DWG.