Ostec Cable Management System

Customer: OSTEC company (www.lotki.ru/upload/pdf/English_version.pdf)

OSTEC is one of the largest manufacturers of metal cable trays in Russia.

The goal of the program is the automatic calculation of cable management system inside building and creating commercial offers according to the calculation.

The software runs on operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP2, SP3, 32/64 bit;
  • Windows Vista, SP1, SP2 32/64 bit;
  • Windows 7, SP1 32/64 bit;
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 10

and runs without installation from any media except CD/DVD.

There are four tabs in the program - Route, Project, Catalog and User Manual.

Route calculation tab 

On the Route tab Users can calculate quantity of trays, covers for trays, connectors, accessories and fasteners entirely for cable route.

The process consists of 3 steps.

1. Selecting type of tray

  • basket trays, cable ladder, Perforated & Solid Bottom Cable Tray
  • Cover
  • Connectors
Hardware for attaching (splice plates, cover clamps, bolts, washers, nuts) are added automatically.


2. Selecting accessories (fittings)

Accessories tab shows user types of trays and covers selected on the first step and allows user to choose fittings that are suitable for the selected type of tray.

It may be:

  • Blind end
  • Horizontal bend 90 and 45
  • Vertical bend 90 (outside or inside)
  • Vertical bend 45 (outside or inside)
  • Horizontal cross-over
  • Horizontal tee
  • Right, left or straight reducer


Hardware for attaching (bolts, washers, nuts) are added automatically.


List of fasteners for connecting trays and accessories between each other.

  • Splice plates
  • Cover clamps
  • Hold downs


Hardware for attaching (bolts, washers, nuts) is added automatically.

There is a description and photo for each element.


After these two steps user can be back on the first step and create another one level or second side of the route. So user can develop double-sided or multi-level routes.

3. Selecting a support system and assembly elements

Support system may be on the ceiling, on the floor or on the wall. User has to choose one of them. It’s important, that the program excludes support systems which couldn’t be used in double-sided or multi-level routes.

For each dimension of the tray on the side or level of the route is automatically offered only suitable bracket. User can select the attachment method to the surface, for example, anchors, bolts, nails, etc. Another hardware (the quantity of the fasteners and other elements) the program calculates automatically.

Program proposes to choose:

  • Different types of brackets
  • Channel rails
  • Steel rods
  • Anchors


Project tab

On the Project tab user can see the list of selected equipment (BOM). He can edit amount of fittings, fasteners, hardware and other accessories. Also he can edit the length of extended objects (trays and covers). There is an opportunity to go back and edit the route.


An important function in this tab is the creation BOM and commercial offers in Excel.

2 Picture

Catalog Tab

On the left side of the Catalog tab User can find equipment by vendor code or name. On the right part of the window program automatically selects compatible equipment. Also user can add the required amount of equipment to the Project.