Competitor's equipment replacement with EKF Company equipment

Customer: EKF Group Company (

Program aim: Soft4Cad team developed the program for automatic selecting the similar equipment produced by EKF Company if the user has competitor’s equipment specification. It’s a program for promotion EKF Company products among purchasing managers, end consumers and designers. Program value is that EKF company increases amount of their own clients at the expense of their rivals.


The program has six tabs:

  • Project
  • Selecting the similar equipment for one item
  • Selecting the similar equipment for list of items
  • EKF Company products catalog
  • Specification
  • Contacts

Program launch

1. Launch the *.exe file in the program folder
2. Window with fourth buttons will be opened – ‘Project’, ‘For one item’, ‘For list’, ‘Catalog’. Press any button.



Project tab contains the list of projects with creation date or date of editing. User may create, open, save and edit projects using buttons on the right side.


Selecting the similar equipment for one item 

In the window user has to choose the competitor’s product by the vendor code or the name, and the program selects similar product produced by EKF Company automatically.


Enter quantity of products and press ‘Add to BOM’. After that EKF product will be included into the specification.

For searching competitor’s product, user has to enter vendor code or some letters of code and the program shows you all selected products.
Selecting the similar equipment for list of items

When user opens the “Similar equipment for list of items” tab, program displays the window where user can upload Excel file containing a list of competitors’ equipment.



At the ‘Specification’ tab user sees initial competitor’s items and the same EKF Group items. There are two buttons ‘Delete’ and ‘Export’.

‘Delete’ button clears the list of items and ‘Export’ button transmits the list into the Excel document framed under the company rules.



This Tab contains all EKF Company products. On the right side of the window you can see the list of EKF equipment. Category names match to EKF equipment groups. Each item has picture or photo and technical manual.


There are contact information and request form using which you can call or write to EKF Company employees.