Plugin for ZWCAD Technonicol Shingles

Program for counting material amount flexible tiles (shingles), waterproof materials, mastics, bitumen, roofing aerators, rainwater heads and accessories) for pitched roofs.

Customer: TehnoNICOL Сompany (

Program goals: Calculate amount of materials (flexible tiles or shingles, waterproof materials, mastics, bitumen, roofing aerators, and rainwater heads and accessories)

The program is called ‘FAST SLOPE’ and runs on ZWCAD+ 2015 and AutoCAD 2010-2015.


The process consists of two main steps.

First, drawings of the roof must be generated, including slopes, angles, valleys, and gables. Users must remember to draw holes for chimneys and dormers for windows in order to receive an accurate calculation of materials. The value of angles may also be changed further.

For drawing the roof plan, a specially developed toolbar is used.

Additional toolbar in AutoCAD customization

Additional Toolbar in ZWCAD Customization

The original roof plan is displayed below.

Original roof plan befor layouting shingles

Original Roof Plan

Prepared roof plan for counting shingles

Roof Plan Prepared for Counting

Program gets next dimensions from drawing:

  • Length of all ridges
  • Length of all ribs (with regard to its inclination)
  • Length of all eaves (with regard to its inclination)
  • Length of all gables (with regard to its inclination)
  • Length of all valleys (with regard to its inclination)
  • Length of all contiguities between wall and other slope (with regard to its inclination)
  • Summary of perimeters and squares of all holesi nthe rof design ( with regard to its inclination)
  • Squares of all slopes

User sees these parameters in the window "Calculation":

Total calculation Shingles Tile plugin for ZWCAD

Dimensions on the Drawing


Second step is a choosing and counting of materials. Open the window by the button 'Project settings' and choose settings:

  • Type of insulation – ‘insulated attic’, ‘cold attic’ or ’no insulation’
  • Shingles collection and type of layout
  • City and building type (residential or industrial)
  • Insulation material (insulation thickness is counted automatically with regard to heat conduction coefficients. Further, users can change thickness)
  • Wall thickness
  • Overhangs of gables and eaves. Also, users has to choose materials for roof base, waterproofing and various other coefficients.

Project settings and choosing of materials Shingles addon for ZWCAD

Choosing of Materials and Project Settings

After completing the drawing and choosing the materials, users can generate Excel specifications clicking the 'Specificaiton" button. The program generates a total specifications report and separate specifications reports for three types of roofs: insulated attic, cold attic, or no insulation.

BOM Specification Expot Excel AutoCAD adddon