Application for AutoCAD and BricsCAD 'Piping technological diagrams'

Software for piping diagram design in AutoCAD and BricsCAD

Customer: Gazprom - Gas Distribution (

Soft4Cad team developed an application to design piping and technology diagrams.

The program is compatable with AutoCAD 2007-2014 and BricsCAD 2013.

Main program functionality:

  • designing and editing technological diagrams for piping developed in AutoCAD and BricsCAD;
  • setting connections between graphics blocks on the drawing with the objects in corresponding databases;
  • validation of information in accordance with objects on the drawing and in the Database.

Upon Installation, the software is embeded into the AutoCAD or BricsCAD program and adds new toolbars (menus) for designing. Users can draw diagrams using the additional toolbars in AutoCAD.

Additional Toolbar in AutoCAD and BricsCAD - customization BricsCAD

Addtional Toolbars in AutoCAD

First, users have to create a new drawing. There is a button for uploading layers, fonts, blocks, etc. into the drawing.

Users can draw extended objects (gas pipelines, as well as standalone objects), valves for gas pipelines, gas distribution points, consumers, etc. The program is developed for drawing technological diagrams without specifying a location. Therefor, the length of the pipeline is not calculated. However, Soft4Cad team has examples of projects where the length of pipes and cable lines is calculated.

High pressure gas pipeline library for BricsCAD

High Pressure Gas Pipelines Library - Extended Objects

Users are also able to add valve blocks, consumer blocks, and other different standalone objects.

Valves library in AutoCAD - addons for BricsCAD

Valve Library - Example of Standalone Objects

When users insert blocks of pipeline or a valve on the drawing, each object gets an unique identification number. This identification number is used to match blocks on the drawing and objects in the database. Every object - the pipeline or the standalone object (valves, gate valves, consumers, gas distribution points, etc.) - has a passport and description that is saved in the general database on the server.

Oracle DBMS, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and others databases may be used. For this project, MySQL DBMS was used. Before users start designing they have to connect to the database with username and password.

Object passport in the database - application for BricsCAD

Object Passport in the Database

The program provides double-sided associativity between the drawing and the database. All changes made in the drawing are synchronized in the database, and vice versa.

Also the program checks an object's uniqueness on the scheme, shows unnumbered blocks, and helps to speed up the process of designing of technological schemes.

Piping Technological diagram - customization BricsCAD

Piping Technology Diagram - Result of Design